Good question – and probably the most asked one! Quite simply, it is an abbreviation of our CEO’s full name. Brandon, Armani, Lee Learmond!

Direct marketing is one of the world’s most effective marketing methods and after rising in popularity consistently over the last 10 years, shows no sign of stopping. Direct marketing is not only far more efficient than online and mass marketing methods as it delivers instant results, it also provides a far superior level of customer service, relying on back to basics communication in order to build long-lasting customer relationships.  Direct marketing requires sales and marketing professionals to take products and services directly to the consumers most in need of them and promotes a high rate of customer engagement.

Some of the most exciting benefits of direct marketing include:

  • The ability to build positive, loyal relationships with existing and future customers. For new businesses, this exposure can dramatically excel their growth.
  • The ability to produce fast results. In today’s climate market trends and customer habits are constantly evolving, fast and regular results allow businesses to adapt to these changes and remain at the top of their game.
  • Direct Marketing provides an opportunity for honest, up to the minute customer feedback.
  • Direct marketing is cost effective, businesses only pay for the results they receive, meaning they are able to manage their budgets more effectively and invest their profits in growth and development.

In short, our company culture can be summarised by the following points:

  • Work hard play hard
  • Rewarding colleagues for their efforts
  • Bonuses when targets are hit
  • Providing mentors and coaches for individuals that want to progress
  • Providing travel opportunities for top performers
  • Fun working environment – team nights, award ceremonies!

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Covid-19 UpdateYour safety is our top priority!

Due to Covid, our office has made changes in order to prioritize your health and the health of others.  When visiting our office, please expect to:

  1. Receive a temperature scan upon arrival
  2. Hand sanitize your hands
  3. Social distance when possible