B.A.L.L Events & Promotions motivated following Black-Tie Awards Gala
B.A.L.L Events & Promotions motivated following Black-Tie Awards Gala

On Saturday, May 18th, our CEO Brandon Learmond, accompanied by a handpicked group of our top performers, traveled to London to attend the eagerly anticipated UK Sales and Marketing Awards.

We’ve been looking forward to the event for weeks, and there has been a real sense of excitement and anticipation among our team as they vied for the chance to attend the invite-only event.

The awards took place at The Ballroom, Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair, London. Sales and marketing professionals from across the country travelled to the UK’s capital for the event. Upon arrival, we stepped onto a red carpet, having our picture taken, before being greeted by a champagne reception.

Before the ceremony got underway, we had the opportunity to interact with fellow attendees, socializing and forging new business relationships.

‘Networking is something I always urge our team to do. Building a diverse network is pivotal to achieving success, and one of the main advantages of attending these types of events is having the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, at different levels in the industry,’ commented our CEO Brandon Learmond

A five-star dining experience followed the champagne reception before the awards ceremony got underway. During the ceremony, there were high profile entrepreneurs from around the world that delivered speeches between the awards. There were several awards handed out, both with multiple and single recipients. The most high-profile awards included;

Top Sales, Most Improved Business Owner, Comeback Business Owner of the Year, Rookie Business Owner of the Year, and the highly coveted Business Owner of the Year Award.

Unfortunately, we didn’t pick up any silverware this year, however, having the opportunity to hear from the award winners was inspirational. Each winner of the top awards delivered a riveting speech, imparting great wisdom and knowledge, revealing the trials and tribulations they faced throughout their business journey.

‘It was great to be able to hear from the winners, and find out what they credited their success to. While it was disappointing that B.A.L.L. Events didn’t win any accolades, I could tell from the reaction of our team that they were enthralled, and captivated by what they were hearing, and they have been inspired to win next year,’ commented our CEO, Brandon Learmond.

A week on from the Black-Tie Awards Gala, we’ve had time to digest the evening’s events, and there has been an overwhelming sense of motivation and inspiration filling the air, and we’re excited to see what the next few months will bring.

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