Has face to face marketing helped Khalid become a household name? B.A.L.L Events & Promotions investigates.
Has face to face marketing helped Khalid become a household name? B.A.L.L Events & Promotions investigates.

As a company that employs face to face marketing strategies, B.A.L.L Events & Promotions have investigated whether Khalid has harnessed the power of face to face to become a household name.

Born Khalid Robinson, the Texan born singer started making music in 2015, and the next year, aged 18, was signed to a major music label.

Khalid rose to fame in 2017, following the release of his debut album American Teen. While working on his sophomore album, Free Spirit, Khalid told his manager Courtney Stewart that the new music sounded like a playlist for a road trip across the country. That conversation sparked the idea for Stewart to use his own money to purchase an old beat up, 1972 van, which he had restored and painted with a Free Spirit-themed mural, promoting the album. RCA Records, Khalid’s label, decided to invest in several more vans, painted with the same artwork. The vans were driven to cities and colleges across the globe, to promote the release of Free Spirit, on April 5th.

While Khalid can only be in one place, the vans allowed the American singer-songwriter to use an avatar to carry the ‘Free Spirit’ message. Stewart says the van idea shifted the focus from social media marketing to tangible, on-the-ground experiences. As a company that specialises in in-person interactions, B.A.L.L Events & Promotions appreciate the impact that face to face interactions can have and they are happy that such a prominent mainstream artist is using similar techniques to them.

The direct marketing company understand that in today’s technology-obsessed world, it can be hard for customers to feel truly connected to a brand – and they believe that this is wrong.

Through lively visual demonstrations, they encourage customers to get under the skin of a brand and interact with its products and services. Managing Director at B.A.L.L Events & Promotions Brandon Learmond believes that face to face interactions still offer tremendous value for brands.

“An event-based theatrical campaign engages Khalid’s fans with him way better than any Facebook or YouTube promotion. We often get caught up in these gargantuan numbers for brand exposure through digital means, but more and more people are starting to clock how – if you make it special for a few people that are actually real fans – it snowballs into something amazing. We love that,” commented Brandon Learmond, Managing Director at B.A.L.L Events & Promotions.

B.A.L.L Events & Promotions is Watford’s freshest and brightest direct marketing firm fuelled by a strong determination to succeed. Taking a look at the phenomenal rise to fame of the American singer-songwriter, the firm believes Khalid’s innovative face-to-face marketing strategy has led to him becoming a household name.




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