B.A.L.L Events think more brands should be ‘wowing’ their customers.
B.A.L.L Events think more brands should be ‘wowing’ their customers.

Watford’s newest direct sales and marketing firm B.A.L.L Events & Promotions have been critical of the advertising content many large firms are producing in 2019 – but gave time to acknowledge the work carried out by confectionary giant Nestlé, and their history of focus on the customer experience.

B.A.L.L concede that many large businesses are trying to shift away from the ‘faceless’ corporate image many large conglomerations possess – but believe there is still more work to be done.

Nestlé is one of the world’s largest organisations, whose sales back in 2016 amounted to a staggering £72billion – something the firm puts in part down to their focus on the customer experience.

Customer experience is invaluable – and it’s something that many large businesses forget to focus on when they reach a certain level of growth. Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider has previously gone on record explaining the importance of creating a direct channel of communication with their consumers;

“It is going to be important down the road. To be sure [customers] have the service levels, the communication, and sometimes even the direct transactions that they want.”

In response, Managing Director Brandon Learmond issued the following statement;

“Here at B.A.L.L, we know that a company’s success will always come down to the experiences they create for their customers. Are you offering something beyond the mundane? What can you do to stand out in a saturated market? We believe in emotions, and crafting the perfect customer experience will always be something that we put high levels of focus into here.”

As well as delivering incredible in-person campaigns on behalf of their clients, B.A.L.L Events are laying down a marker for supporting emerging talent.

The firm is putting its contractors in full control of their professional futures – offering daily workshops, one-on-one mentoring and national and international travel opportunities throughout the year.

B.A.L.L believes it’s only right that everyone gets a shot at success, which is why they do noot focus on background, qualifications or experience when building an active community. If a professional has the ambition, they’ll match it by providing them with the building blocks they need to build a solid future in the sales and marketing sector.

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