B.A.L.L believe advert saturation and over-targeting is damaging trust
B.A.L.L believe advert saturation and over-targeting is damaging trust

The Watford-based sales and marketing specialist claim Google and Social Media advertising is harming perceptions of brands – many of whom are now treading an increasingly fine line between advertising that is relevant and advertising that over-targets. Our business model is centred on businesses and brands respecting audiences and building better relationships. We’re concerned that many digital endeavours have become saturated, and are doing the opposite.

So what is over-targeting?

In the realm of digital advertising and marketing technology, where data and impressions are chief currencies, the pressure to know ever more about each individual consumer and to reach them frequently with personalised messages is intense. In fact, many marketers are zealous in their efforts to do just that and report up to their CMO about significant improvements in CPA or whatever the metric of choice happens to be. With an array of marketing tech vendors offering a pathway to increased conversion at lower costs, it becomes ever more tempting for the brand to start seeing its audience as just a spreadsheet of numbers. More on this HERE.

Now, here's the bombshell.

Taken from an article on MarketingWeek: According to new research from Kantar, 54% of UK consumers object to being targeted based on their past online activity and 55% are completely apathetic towards advertising content. Meanwhile, 70% of consumers say they see the same ads over and over again and only 11% actually enjoy advertising.

To us, the aforementioned statistics are pretty shocking. We’d love to see the return on investment here – let alone the damage it is potentially doing to brand identity and awareness.

It's somewhat ironic that speaking to people in person is now seemingly less intrusive than via a newsfeed.

“If we don’t tackle the lack of trust issue head-on, we’re all going to pay for it later. A brand without trust is a just a faceless product, and advertising without trust is just noise – and we’re not far off such a scenario. Trust is the key thing we need to engage with – and as a business, we strongly believe offline, face-to-face interactions can help restore the faith in marketing.” – CEO Brandon Learmond.

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